Our new bags by Rachel Elise are locally crafted & universally loved.

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From mountain-mama to urban-chic, we bring affordable, fun fashion & accessories to Asheville.

Experience a continually-curated selection of unique clothing, jewelry & creations by local artists! Visit us at one of our downtown locations, or enjoy free shipping for orders over $50 when you shop online!

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Toothsome Tentacles

Explore the whimsical twists & turns of Sarah Ray's handmade earrings.
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Charmed Asheville

THE affordable asheville boutique

We are proud to be an affordable women’s boutique fashion and accessories store - keeping our prices 'real' for locals and tourists alike, while staying on top of the latest trends & fashion! If you aren’t in the Asheville area, we ship nationally and will work with you so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

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