About Us

Here at Charmed Asheville it’s all about women and their well being. We serve women from a small mountain town with a big city appeal. With an apparent kindness to their budget.
Being surrounded by the Blue Ridge mountains, their beauty as well as their charm, we love to embrace that mountain spirit and its eclectic community. We show this by offering you an inspired collection of dress wear and accessories to cater for foodies, culture lovers, free spirits and nature lovers alike.
We serve all kinds of women.
Mostly the kind kind. 
Making them the happy kind.
You deserve happiness.
You deserve kindness.
You deserve to feel good.
You deserve to look good.
You deserve options.
We love to serve you. And we work hard to keep fresh and on trend.
With a broad inventory of clothing, jewelry, hats, scarves and mountain inspired gifts we hope you find happiness when you shop Charmed, and kindness when you check your wallet.