Robin Lee Essentials

Robin Lee Essentials


      hello, i’m robin, founder of robin lee essentials.

      In a former life, I was a school teacher with a masters in curriculum leadership. After years of teaching in classrooms, advocating for changes to the public school system, and even receiving the Teacher of the Year award (an honor selected by my brilliant and compassionate colleagues), I did something a bit...risky. I left it all behind to listen to my heart and pursue my future as an essential oil jewelry designer and business owner. In doing so, I took the advice I so often gave my students to courageously pursue one’s passions and dreams and to show up in the world authentically and unapologetically. 

      In the small North Carolina mountain town where I grew up, I was known as a bit of a free-spirited flower child; my hands have been muddy with Appalachian clay and my mind has been dreaming big things for as long as I can remember. Ceramics fueled my imagination and provided a therapeutic outlet for my adventure-seeking soul. The art-form was passed down by my Appalachian-born and bred artist mother who defined our family home by her love of gardening, bluegrass, quilt-making, and pottery. As lovely as it was, I always knew I’d make my way to the “big” city of Asheville, a cultural mecca and southern hub for artists, wanderers, and progressives.

      Truth be told, it was scary to leave my old career path behind in pursuit of my passions in very unchartered territory. I have enormous gratitude for this journey. I founded my essential oil jewelry company on personal empowerment, and as my business continues to grow, so does my sense of purpose and creativity.

      My wish is for every female creative who is struggling to define her path to experience empowerment. If that sounds like you, know this: you can follow your dreams and listen to your heart without shame. You are free to change your mind or your career at any moment. It’s my intent to impart a sense of courage and self-determination on each person who wears my essential oil jewelry designs.